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Tabloid update: “Laura Demands Divorce!” (2010-5-29)

Laura Bush is promoting her new book, “Spoken from the Heart,” and this week her pals at the Globe tabloid helped out with publicity.
“Laura demands divorce!” the cover shouts, “‘I’m fed up living a lie’ she tells boozing Bush.”
That was enough to get the Globe out of the rack and into the shopping cart, and [...]

Hillary Clinton unplugged (2010-5-29)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was tired, no doubt, when she spoke to the Brookings Institution on Thursday about national security.

She had just returned from an international trip. Maybe she was up all night. Maybe she had just learned that her husband is in the middle of the Joe-Sestak-illegal-job-offer scandal, and that Republicans are [...]

Retiring Henry Waxman, Part 2 (2010-5-22)

For everyone who has been Googling “Henry Waxman election challenger,” Henry Waxman Republican opponent,” and “David Benning Congress polls,” here’s what you’ve been looking for:
On Friday, the Benning for Congress campaign released internal polling data showing that software engineer and businessman David Benning has a 20-point lead over his nearest rival in the June 8 [...]

Pyramids schemes and scams (2010-5-18)

Once was a fluke.
Twice was a coincidence.
Three times is an epidemic.
Pyramid schemes and financial con games are currently sweeping through Los Angeles, and, we’re guessing, everywhere else. If not yet, soon.
Recently your semi-faithful correspondent had occasion to call the Auto Club for a flat-bed tow truck to ferry the royal carriage to the kingdom’s local [...]

Tabloid update: “How Could You!” (2010-5-17)

“Breaking news,” the Globe tabloid promised as it jumped into the shopping cart, “Obama cheating scandal rocks marriage!”
Inside, there are terrific pictures of Michelle looking furious and pointing a finger at a picture of her chagrined husband, while a picture of a younger woman in sunglasses stares flirtatiously at the president from behind a picture [...]

Big-Spending Democrats for Meg Whitman: Meet Coro (2010-5-12)

“I am a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs currently placed with the Meg Whitman for Governor campaign,” the e-mail began. It asked for the opportunity to meet the members of a social and political group in order to talk with them about volunteering for the Meg Whitman for Governor campaign.
What is Coro and why has [...]

Auditioning for a coin (2010-5-9)

This is a screen shot of the White House web site today.

Notice anything?

The president is seated in a chair, and the photographer is on the floor looking up at the president’s profile.

This is not a news photograph. It’s an official White House photograph, taken by a photographer whose salary is paid by the taxpayers.
He’s on [...]

The East German Census (2010-5-4)

The U.S. Census Bureau said Monday it is worried about the safety of its employees after six of them died in auto accidents last week.
Census Bureau director Robert Groves said at a news briefing, “We have hundreds of thousands of people disproportionately driving on the streets. So when you have 600,000 people, all sorts of [...]