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Barney Frank spills it (2010-6-25)

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank told CNBC today that House-Senate negotiations on the financial regulation bill had to be completed by today because President Obama wanted to take the bill to the G20 and tell the other nations in attendance that they should adopt the same rules.
This is eerily similar to the story [...]

Meet the future (2010-6-10)

Visit the campaign website of Susan Shelley for Congress at this link:
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The broken record book (2010-6-4)

Here’s a math problem for you.
If a tiny little publisher called ExtremeInk Books published a new title called The Clean Book of Baseball Records, would the publicity from the libel lawsuits be valuable enough to offset the legal fees?
Because we’re seriously thinking about it.
Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig could have declared that Detroit Tigers pitcher [...]