California’s economy is so bad…

How bad is it?

Even the hummingbirds are hitting the bottle.

Here, a hummingbird finds that a little Cabo Wabo tequila dulls the pain of her latest retirement account statement:

And here, a hummingbird discovers that Sutter Home Merlot nicely complements the latest drop in home values.

It’s bad around here. No wonder the latest Gallup poll shows the Republicans with a ten-point lead over the Democrats in the generic (“Would you rather vote for a Republican or a Democrat for Congress?”) ballot.

Two things to note about that number:

1) It’s the biggest lead the GOP has ever had since Gallup began asking that poll question in 1942.

2) The question was asked after Democrats spent a month in their districts explaining to voters what a great job they’ve done.

America Wants To Know was personally present at a town-hall meeting held by Rep. Henry Waxman on August 11. We can tell you that he cited the health care reform law as a “great accomplishment” and the polite-until-that-moment audience erupted in boos and catcalls.

This happened in the suburbs of Los Angeles. In the loopy, liberal, left-wing suburbs of Los Angeles.

Congressman Waxman looked shaken by the crowd’s reaction. He turned very red and sounded quite flustered as he completed his talking points about the health care law and all its alleged benefits.

America Wants To Know has an individual Anthem Blue Cross policy, and today we received a letter informing us that the premium on our $5,000-deductible policy is going up by 19.5 percent on October 1.

So much for “free” preventive care.

In the envelope with the notice of the price increase was a long and miserably complicated letter explaining something about changes required by law, and the possibility that some policies are “grandfathered” out of the changes.

At some point we will have to read that letter and attempt to understand it, which is more than the Democrats did with the health care bill.

Maybe the hummingbirds have the right idea.

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