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Jimmy Carter and the happy ending (2010-9-17)

Did you live through the Carter administration, or did you just get here recently?
For everyone who feels like the Obama administration is destroying the country and fears that we will never again live as well, or as happily, or in as much freedom as we once did, here’s a little window into the future to [...]

Tabloid update: “Glenn Beck Sex Tape Scandal!” (2010-9-16)

The Globe tabloid jumped right out of its rack in the supermarket checkout line tonight.
“Glenn Beck sex tape scandal!” it shouted as it swan-dived onto the conveyor belt, “and the mystery woman behind it!”
No, as it turns out, not really.
There’s no sex tape, and you’ll never guess who “the mystery woman behind it” is.
Sarah Palin? [...]

The anger in Los Angeles (2010-9-15)

Robert F. Kennedy had several impressive titles during his brief career, but none had quite the impact of the words that are in front of his name now.
The $578 million Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools Complex just opened on the site of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
Five hundred and seventy-eight million dollars. It’s the [...]

Europe was wrong about everything (2010-9-13)

If you were in grade school at any point during the 1970s, you probably remember being taught that in the future, the United States would be on the metric system and soccer would be the most popular sport in the country.
Teachers were quite certain about it.
“This is the way it is in every major industrialized [...]

Restoring the Raise: How to Cause A Labor Shortage in America (2010-9-12)

The United States of America needs a labor shortage. That would fix everything.
If we had more jobs than workers, employers would have to offer higher wages and better benefits to attract and hold employees.
If we had more jobs than workers, recruiters would be on college campuses saying things like, “What’s your major? Sixteenth-century English [...]

Power meter (2010-9-10)

Here’s an interesting little item from a report in today’s Politico headlined, “Pelosi to Dems: Pay up.”
The story is about the reluctance of some House Democrats to “pony up” some of the money in their campaign accounts for the benefit of their most vulnerable colleagues in Congress.
“The list of Democrats who have come up short [...]

The angry anniversary of 9/11 (2010-9-10)

If politicians and TV anchors spent less time on corporate and military jets and more time in line at the airport, they might have figured it out a little sooner.
Go to an airport and watch Americans patiently and quietly allowing thuggish and rude security personnel to insult them, glare at them, feel them up, go [...]

Pay-Go terrorism (2010-9-3)

When you are on the wrong premise, Ayn Rand said, you will always achieve the opposite of what you intend.
The new unemployment numbers for August were released today, and they were bad enough that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner rushed back from vacation for West Wing meetings on what Politico reporter Glenn Thrush called “a raft [...]