Jimmy Carter and the happy ending

Did you live through the Carter administration, or did you just get here recently?

For everyone who feels like the Obama administration is destroying the country and fears that we will never again live as well, or as happily, or in as much freedom as we once did, here’s a little window into the future to cheer you up.

Former president Jimmy Carter gave an interview to CBS’s “60 Minutes,” which will be broadcast this Sunday.

Mr. Carter complained to correspondent Lesley Stahl that his energy conservation program was not continued.

“He lamented Ronald Reagan’s dismantling of the White House solar panels he had put in place,” CBS News reported on its website. Mr. Carter said “[Reagan] wanted to show that America was a great nation. So great that we didn’t have to limit the enjoyment of life.”


Even the sympathetically liberal Lesley Stahl couldn’t let that go.

“Pressed by Stahl that the public liked Reagan’s message better than Carter’s push to conserve, the former president responds, ‘That’s right, America responded to that quite well.’”

America is a great nation, so great that we don’t have to limit the enjoyment of life.

Jimmy Carter was trying to illustrate how wrong Reagan was.

And now you know why he was a one-term president.

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