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The letters, the roar, the end (2010-10-29)

Last December, in a post titled “Health Care Reform Dinner Theater,” America Wants To Know sketched out a few possible endings for the story of health care reform in the United States.
This was Possible Ending Number Three:
“The Senate passes the health care reform bill on Christmas Eve and it goes to conference in January, where [...]

Why marijuana should be legalized (2010-10-19)

This writer does not use marijuana, has never used marijuana, and in fact has never tried marijuana.
Strange, perhaps, but true.
Just the same, America Wants To Know would like to answer a challenge from Jerrod Menz, CEO of A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center, Inc., in Murrieta, California. Mr. Menz announced this week that he is seeking [...]

Chris Matthews and the paradise of the workers (2010-10-16)

“Hardball” host Chris Matthews said on his show Wednesday night that if the trapped Chilean miners had been members of the Tea Party, with what he called its “every-man-for-himself” philosophy, “they wouldn’t have gotten out,” but instead “they would have been killing each other after about two days.”
That is pretty funny.
Unintentionally, Chris Matthews pointed out [...]

Ruining Andy Griffith (2010-10-16)

The Obama administration has spent $3 million of your tax dollars — just this month — on TV commercials touting the benefits of health care reform.
Have you seen them? The ones with Andy Griffith?
“That new health care law sure sounds good for all of us on Medicare,” the actor says with a big grin and [...]

Predatory politics (2010-10-9)

Have you been following this foreclosure moratorium story?
Here’s an executive summary: Twenty-three states have laws requiring that a particular court document related to foreclosures must be signed, in the presence of a notary, by the specific person who reviewed the file. That may not have happened in some cases, given the volume of recent foreclosure [...]

Roberts to Obama: “You are always welcomed here.” (2010-10-2)

President Obama was at the Supreme Court on Friday for Justice Elena Kagan’s investiture ceremony. According to the press pool report, Chief Justice John Roberts remarked to the president, “You are always welcomed here.”
“The pool didn’t say if Obama was given a chance to respond,” Politico reported.
This reminds of us of the time former first [...]