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Buffett’s body bag of tricks (2010-11-28)

Billionaire Warren Buffett appeared on ABC’s “This Week” today and said wealthy Americans don’t sacrifice enough for their country.
“There’s no sacrifice among the rich. There’s plenty of sacrifice going on now,” said the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. “I mean, if you look at Iraq and now Afghanistan, there’s been sacrifice. But I would doubt if [...]

Screen this (2010-11-16)

It all makes perfect sense once you realize that the Transportation Security Administration has one and only one critical mission: to make sure the U.S. government is never accused of discrimination.
That’s why TSA officials react not with horror but with pride to pictures of federal employees groping screaming toddlers and touching nuns between their legs.
Pictures [...]

Down they go (2010-11-2)

It’s not like they didn’t know it was coming.
“Half ‘no’ and half ‘Hell, no,’” Rep. Paul Kanjorski said in September of 2008, describing the tally of phone calls to his office about the pending TARP bailout.
“If Americans continue to lose faith that their tax dollars are being used to rescue the economy, they’ll rebel,” John [...]