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The Charlie Sheen Party (2011-3-19)

There is something really interesting about the public’s reaction to Charlie Sheen’s recent — well, we won’t characterize it. You have your own opinion and you’re entitled to it.
But you can’t help but notice that while people in suits were making dour faces and demanding that Charlie Sheen show contrition, repentence, and general self-abasement, the [...]

You’re invited (2011-3-18)

Drop in on the new Facebook group, “Freedom-Loving Fiscal Conservatives.” We’re in Southern California, formerly from, and we’re relocating to Facebook where more people can join us.
We get together now and then, so if you’re in Southern California and you’d like to meet up, click the “Like” button and you’ll get an e-mail notifying [...]

Rep. Pelosi’s happy anniversary (2011-3-13)

March 23rd will mark the one-year anniversary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still trying to sell it to the American people.
“Real change, sometimes that menaces people because they like it the way it was before when they had it their way financially, economically,” she said [...]