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The White House is a Mac (2011-4-27)

Now we know why our nation’s finances are such a mess. The Obama White House is a cool, artistic Mac, not a stuffy, math-obsessed PC.
This morning President Obama ended his inexplicable three-year holdout and released his long-form birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. The pdf file was created on an Apple computer, as you [...]

Fun with box office totals (2011-4-16)

Today I went to see “Atlas Shrugged” at the Pacific Winnetka All Stadium 21 movie theaters in Chatsworth, California. When I tried to buy a ticket, an employee named Shaneike told me through the box office window that “Atlas Shrugged” had been canceled. “The projector broke,” she said, “and we’ve canceled all showings for the [...]

Hating profits (2011-4-15)

Today the FBI shut down three major Internet poker companies and arrested some of the top executives for bank fraud, money laundering, and illegally operating gambling Web sites.
You might remember that the Republican-majority Congress passed a ban on Internet poker just before the November 2006 election and that immediately afterwards the voters threw the [...]

President Obama’s character (2011-4-13)

“It’s not my fault,” he yelled. “It’s the fault of the rich who still had money but wouldn’t sacrifice it….”
That’s a line from the novel, “Atlas Shrugged.” It’s not a line from President Obama’s speech today.
“After Democrats and Republicans committed to fiscal discipline in the 1990s, we lost our way in the decade that followed. [...]

Donald Trump and the Emperor’s new clothes (2011-4-11)

“If you come out and say — and even question, the press goes wild,” Donald Trump told CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday, “They get angry at the question.”
Later in the day, the Associated Press ran a story with the headline, “Obama aide dismisses Trump ’sideshow behavior.’”
What is this rage-inducing, circus sideshow question?
“Why doesn’t he show [...]

The non-essentials (2011-4-7)

Fire the firemen first. That, according to Washington Monthly founder Charles Peters, is the first principle of budget politics. Always make the voters think their money is spent so carefully and wisely by the government that the very first dollar cut from the budget will have to come out of essential services.
There’s not one [...]