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How the Pew Research Center makes conservatives sound like jackasses (2011-6-30)

“With the economy still struggling and the nation involved in multiple military operations overseas, the public’s political mood is fractious,” says a new report from the Pew Research Center. “In this environment, many political attitudes have become more doctrinaire at both ends of the ideological spectrum, a polarization that reflects the current atmosphere in Washington.”
The [...]

Barack Obama’s problem (2011-6-30)

It’s so clear that Barack Obama is a one-term president that there hardly seems to be any point in talking about him.
Just the same, Wednesday’s presidential news conference was an astonishing exercise in communist rabble-rousing, and it deserves a moment of attention.
The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” blog noted today, “Wait a minute, the president said [...]

A Stop to It (2011-6-28)

Give me liberty, or give me death.
I would rather risk dying in an exploding airplane than live in the kind of country that searches the adult diaper of a 95-year-old American woman as a condition of travel inside the United States.
I mean it.
The U.S. Constitution is based in part on Sir William Blackstone’s “Absolute Rights [...]

Tabloid update: “William’s wife snaps!” (2011-6-19)

This week’s Globe tabloid has very bad news for Hillary Clinton.
“As pressure mounts for Royal baby… William’s wife SNAPS!” the cover screams out from the checkstand rack.
That’s the big story. It shares the cover with three other stories that Globe’s editors think you might pay $3.79 to read:
“Cheating Arnold BEGS Maria: TAKE ME BACK! She [...]

Sex with the Chinese Army (2011-6-7)

As of ten minutes ago, Representative Anthony D. Weiner was still apologizing and still insisting that he will not resign, but in all likelihood by the time you read this post he’ll be a former congressman.
The New York Democrat has admitted to enjoying one of the Internet’s most popular features, cybersex with total strangers.
What, you [...]

Giving the game away (2011-6-4)

On Wednesday, the Obama administration’s top lawyer told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit that Americans who don’t like the mandate to buy health care can always escape it by choosing to earn less money.
Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal was trying to convince the panel of judges that requiring Americans to buy [...]