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President Obama’s “different concept of what America’s all about” (2011-9-25)

President Obama spoke to a Congressional Black Caucus dinner Saturday night in Washington. He told the crowd:
“There has to be a different concept of what America’s all about. It has to be based on the idea that I am my brother’s keeper and I am my sister’s keeper, and we’re in this together. [...]

A Constitution Day surprise (2011-9-17)

It’s Constitution Day, the anniversary of the day in 1787 when the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia for one final time to sign the Constitution they had been hammering out all summer long.
That didn’t make it official. The Constitution had to be approved by the states. It was only when nine states [...]

Misery on Medicare (2011-9-17)

America Wants To Know is collecting anecdotal evidence that seniors on Medicare are being turned away by increasing numbers of doctors; and when they’re not turned away, they’re forced to wait months for an appointment; and when they finally get in for an appointment, they’re treated in a rude and curt manner.
If you or a [...]

How incumbent Democrats think (2011-9-9)

President Obama gave something like a State of the Union address last night, demanding that Congress spend $447 billion on more of the same things they spent $800 billion on a couple of years ago.
Democrats seem to think the only reason the 2009 stimulus bill didn’t end the recession is that $800 billion wasn’t [...]

Paying illegal immigrants to live here (2011-9-3)

Nice try.
The Obama administration waited until late on the Thursday afternoon before the Labor Day weekend to roll down the window of a speeding car and throw out a news item they hoped no one would see.
A report by the Treasury Department’s inspector general confirms that in 2010, illegal immigrants received checks from the IRS [...]

Off the sidelines, on the ballot (2011-9-2)

A note to readers of America Wants To Know:
This week I entered the race for Congress in California’s 30th District. Friends and family have been urging me to run. Everyone thinks the country is on the wrong track and is excited to hear new ideas, no matter how petite the source.
It’s true, at five feet [...]

Harry Houdini and Gene Simmons (2011-9-2)

America Wants To Know toured the Houdini: Art and Magic exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles this week, and today, when we saw the news that Gene Simmons was renouncing a lifetime of marriage-resistance to marry Shannon Tweed, it occurred to us that Harry Houdini and Gene Simmons are just alike.
Harry Houdini, [...]