In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

The shocking and sad news this morning of the death of conservative writer and activist Andrew Breitbart was a blow to everyone who loves freedom and admires courage.

Mr. Breitbart was a rare individual who was not frightened, not intimidated and not impressed by powerful Democratic Party incumbents and the powerful media elites who keep their secrets. His revelations of Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner’s tawdry habit of sending lewd photos to women he met online led to a special election in New York’s 9th District, where the voters elected a Republican for the first time since the 1920s.

In 1998, the Drudge Report, where Mr. Breitbart contributed for many years, revealed the details of a story that NBC News had worked on but never aired: President Bill Clinton was having an affair with a White House intern.

If not for the Internet, a handful of people in the media would have the ironclad power to block for their political favorites, keeping the voters from discovering facts that could change the way they vote.

If not for fearless individuals like Andrew Breitbart, sleazy and dishonest people could be elected and re-elected forever.

That’s because when voters go to the polls, they assume that someone would have told them if a candidate or incumbent had a history of the kind of conduct that would keep anyone else from ever being hired for a job. But the truth is that most people who know, won’t tell.


Maybe they prefer to have the power that comes with the implicit threat that they might tell. Maybe they have their own secrets and are frightened into silence. Maybe they consider it bad sportsmanship.

The voters have a right to know the character of their political leaders and those who seek to become political leaders. The voters do care.

Andrew Breitbart proved that, and it will be his legacy.


Susan Shelley is a candidate for Congress in California’s 30th District, the west and south San Fernando Valley.

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