Speaking truth to power about health care reform

This week, Democratic lawmakers cheerfully marked the second anniversary of the passage of the health care reform law.

Two years ago, I was so angry over it that I became personally involved in politics, volunteering for a GOP candidate for Congress as director of communications.

This year, I’m running for Congress myself. Last week, I had the opportunity to tell a Democratic lawmaker exactly what that health care reform law has meant out here in the real world.

Here’s the clip:

You can visit the campaign website at www.SusanShelleyForCongress.com. If you, like me, have had enough of these arrogant, out-of-touch incumbents, who never see a bill for their health care, donate five or ten dollars to the campaign at this link.

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Incumbents don’t defeat themselves, as hard as they might appear to be trying.

In California’s 30th District, Brad Sherman and Howard Berman are in a death match to win the 49% of registered voters who are Democrats. They’ll split that vote, and in the new open primary, the election could be decided by the 26% of voters who are registered Republicans and the 21% who are registered “decline-to-state.”

You can make a difference in this election. Join me in this fight.


Susan Shelley is running for Congress in California’s 30th District, the west and South San Fernando Valley, against incumbent Democrats Brad Sherman and Howard Berman. She’s the author of a history of the Bill of Rights titled “How the First Amendment Came to Protect Topless Dancing.”

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