Full video of the Berman-Sherman fight incident

Yes, I was there when Rep. Howard Berman called Rep. Brad Sherman a liar, and Sherman protested what he called a “personal attack,” and Berman said Sherman was “delusional,” and Sherman screamed that Berman should not dare to come to the West San Fernando Valley and get in his face, and Berman got in his face, and Sherman lost it, grabbing Berman around the shoulders and making one of those bar-fight kind of threatening statements synonymous with “Shall we go outside and settle this?”

The deputy sheriff who was there to protect the congressmen from potential troublemakers walked onto the stage and politely tapped Sherman on the back to break up the fight. “He was the one who was kinda talking loudly,” Deputy Bill Dunkin said later.

Here you can see a video of the debate, which was posted by the newspaper at Pierce College. The “He lies!” and “Personal attack!” sequence is about 35:50 into the recording, and the screaming and threats start at 39 minutes.

Watch live streaming video from rounduplive at livestream.com

I happened to be there because I was invited to argue the “No on Prop 34″ side in a debate from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. The congressmen were up next, and I stuck around to watch the final debate of their campaign. I was a Republican candidate in the 30th congressional district primary and we did many debates together.

Look at that! I’m lucky to be alive!

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