How Sacramento hides money

If you vote in California, vote NO on 30 this Tuesday.

This is California’s budget (it’s here on the Department of Finance website:

California's budget

Do you see that column labeled “Special Funds” with almost $40 billion in it? In 1988 the voters
of California passed Proposition 98, which required that about half of the General Fund must be spent on public education. The legislature weaseled around the requirement by creating “Special Funds” and taking money out of the General Fund so they wouldn’t have to spend it on schools.

Since 2008, $20 billion has been cut from education in California. That’s exactly how much the schools would have received if the $40 billion in the “Special Funds” had been left in the General Fund.

The voters want to fund education. The politicians in Sacramento refuse to do it. They’d rather use scare tactics to get tax increases. Vote NO on 30. If Governor Jerry Brown tries to enact those “trigger cuts” to education, call him at (916) 445-2841 and tell him to cut something else.


Taxpayer rights advocate Susan Shelley ran for Congress in the June 2012 primary with the endorsement of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the Los Angeles Daily News.

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