A federal judge stands up for liberty

America Wants To Know salutes U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, who refused the Justice Department’s request to use secret evidence and secret arguments to defeat a lawsuit over the government’s no-fly list.

Former Stanford student Rahinah Ibrahim is suing several federal agencies over her inclusion on the secret no-fly list and also on some other list that causes her to be detained for hours at airports. The government wanted Judge Alsup to dismiss the lawsuit. Lawyers for the Justice Department offered to show him confidential, partially redacted, “allegedly privileged” information that they would not show to Ms. Ibrahim or her attorneys.

“The government has not justified its sweeping proposal,” Judge Alsup wrote.

In a free country, the government’s powers are limited. That’s what makes it a free country.

Thanks, Judge Alsup, for enforcing the protections of the U.S. Constitution and keeping America free.

Susan Shelley posted at 2012-12-30 Category: Uncategorized