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No ordinary scandals: Why Obama is in worse trouble than Clinton, Reagan or Nixon (2013-5-19)

This time, it’s different.
We’ve seen presidential scandals in the past, and it’s easy to dismiss calls for investigations and impeachment as the usual political posturing by any president’s opponents.
Don’t be lulled, stay awake for this one.
The Obama White House is dealing with three simultaneous scandals:
The Internal Revenue Service has admitted targeting conservatives for special scrutiny.
The [...]

A federal judge stands up for liberty (2012-12-30)

America Wants To Know salutes U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, who refused the Justice Department’s request to use secret evidence and secret arguments to defeat a lawsuit over the government’s no-fly list.
Former Stanford student Rahinah Ibrahim is suing several federal agencies over her inclusion on the secret no-fly list and also on some [...]

How Sacramento hides money (2012-11-4)

If you vote in California, vote NO on 30 this Tuesday.
This is California’s budget (it’s here on the Department of Finance website:

Do you see that column labeled “Special Funds” with almost $40 billion in it? In 1988 the voters
of California passed Proposition 98, which required that about half of the General Fund [...]

Liberty Republicans announce support for Mitt Romney (2012-11-4)

As the Woodland Hills City Chair for the Romney campaign, I am so pleased that my friends in the Republican Liberty Caucus have joined me in supporting Governor Mitt Romney for president.
November 1, 2012
A prominent group of California “Liberty Republicans” has issued a [...]

Vote NO on Prop 30: the ‘trigger cuts’ are not mandatory (2012-11-4)

Proposition 30 is a shell game and here’s the proof.
The proponents of the income tax and sales tax increase say it will help California meet its Proposition 98 funding obligation, thereby “freeing up resources” in the General Fund.
What does that mean? It means the money that was already budgeted for education can be removed from [...]

Full video of the Berman-Sherman fight incident (2012-10-12)

Yes, I was there when Rep. Howard Berman called Rep. Brad Sherman a liar, and Sherman protested what he called a “personal attack,” and Berman said Sherman was “delusional,” and Sherman screamed that Berman should not dare to come to the West San Fernando Valley and get in his face, and Berman got in his [...]

What to do now in the Middle East (2012-9-15)

“Check your premises,” author Ayn Rand often said, “because when you are on the wrong premise, you will always achieve the opposite of what you intend.”
In the Middle East, a policy of toppling dictators and replacing them with elected governments has given us a blazing wave of anti-American violence across the region. U.S. taxpayers have [...]

Ayn Rand’s fans in high places (2012-8-24)

No doubt you’ve already read or heard that Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan is an admirer of Ayn Rand, a fact that has liberals foolishly exultant.
But you may not know that the chief judge of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the honorable Alex Kozinski, is likewise an admirer of the author of [...]

“Legitimate rape” and the GOP (2012-8-20)

The difference between genius and stupidity, somebody once observed, is that genius has its limits.
On Sunday, U.S. Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, a Republican congressman who is challenging incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill for a U.S. Senate seat, told a local TV interviewer that it’s “really rare” for a woman to become pregnant following a rape.
“If [...]

Thanks for the buggy ride (2012-7-25)

America Wants to Know welcomes Sanford “Sandy” Weill to the ranks of Americans who think it was not so hot an idea to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act. (Here’s our 9/20/08 write-up about it, “Train Wrecks.”)
Sandy Weill is the guy responsible for the fabulous glittering mega-merger of Travelers Group Inc. and Citicorp in 1998, a deal [...]