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Argus Hamilton - Comedian Argus Hamilton's hilarious political humor column is available five days a week, Tuesday through Friday and Sunday, 52 weeks a year.  (Unbelievable, but true.)  Editors have the option to run all the columns, some of the columns, edited versions of the columns, daily excerpts or a weekly compilation. Excerpts are your choice, and you're always free to cut any joke for any reason. Delivered electronically by e-mail, or as a Microsoft Word file attachment, or by fax.  For pricing information, contact Argus Hamilton at or call at 818-386-9552. If you'd like to sample the column, we'll be happy to add your e-mail address to the nightly distribution list so you can see for yourself how much fun it is to turn to the jokes every day.

Note to papers that carry Argus:  if an electronic glitch kept you from receiving the next day's column, please e-mail and we'll get it right out to you (or check the last e-mail you received from us--following the column is an editors' note listing the unpublished website address where you can find the next day's column on this site.) We don't post the column on the public site until we hear the newspapers hit the driveways in your city.

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