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Comedian Argus Hamilton

For the funniest jokes on politics,
news, celebrities and sports, read
Argus Hamilton's six-day-a-week,
nationally syndicated column.  
Very sharp stuff, updated daily.

tidbits® puzzles

If you like crosswords, or even if you don't, you've got to try
new tidbits® puzzles.

The 37th Amendment
A Novel by Susan Shelley

The 37th Amendment - A Novel by Susan Shelley

Check out this legal thriller set in 2056, forty years after the 37th Amendment has removed "due process of law" from the U.S. Constitution.  Includes an appendix on "How the First Amendment Came to Protect Topless Dancing."  Fun for fans of Raoul Berger, and you know who you are.

Susan Shelley

Occasional columns by the author of
The 37th Amendment

The Granville Guys

Investment advice for lottery winners.  Actually, very good advice.



A blog on news and events by Susan Shelley, author of
The 37th Amendment

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The Comedy Store

The premier comedy club in Los Angeles is a good place to catch Argus Hamilton, live on stage.  Visit their web site or call (323) 650-6268 for information and show times.

See the 1961 Mako Shark Corvette

If you're reading The 37th Amendment, take a look at this car.  

The Daily Oklahoman

Visit our pals in Oklahoma City.

Best place to look up anything

Visit Refdesk.com to look up absolutely anything.  The place to go when you hear yourself say, "I wonder if I could find that on the Internet."

Top of the Sixth by Tom FitzGerald

Read one of America's best sports columnists, every day in the San Francisco Chronicle.

More puzzles

Don't miss Dave Fisher's complete guide to puzzles available on the Internet. 

Humor for kids and teens

Visit our friends Daniel and Liz in Durham, North Carolina, at www.shmater.com for funny stuff aimed especially at kids.

The best search engine

Nothing beats Google when you're seeking the answer.  Much faster than climbing up a mountain in Tibet to ask a meditating monk, plus you don't have to change your shoes.

Editor & Publisher's web site 

A great database of information on newspapers across the country and around the world.

Outstanding place to look up movies

The Internet Movie Database is a comprehensive guide to every movie ever made.  Search for a film by title or look up an actor for a complete list of credits.  Goes all the way back to the silents.  Includes some television movies and shows, too.

The Library of Congress on the Internet

Visit your tax dollars at work.  Amazing collections of audio recordings, video clips and documents from American history, including sheet music and baseball cards.  Click here to go straight to the list of collections. 

A good place to buy posters and prints

Art.com is a fun place to shop for framed or unframed posters and prints.

Another good place to buy posters and prints

If you like Art.com, you'll also like Artselect.com

Memorabilia--believe it or not--from the Soviet Union

Incredible items, including Soviet propaganda posters, for Cold War collectors at Sovietski.com. 

A fun place for fans of Route 66 roadside attractions

Memorabilia, books and nostalgic metal signs at TimesPast.  Great for car collectors.

Best place to buy rubber chickens

If you haven't seen the Archie McPhee catalog, don't say we didn't warn you.

Best place to buy books online, especially used books

We have the best luck with BarnesandNoble.com.  A great search engine and database if you're looking for books on a topic without knowing authors or titles.  Check Amazon.com, too, for an ever-growing inventory of used books from sellers all over the country.

More places to buy used books online

Other good sources for used books are Alibris.com and ABEbooks.com.  If you're very patient, you can get incredible bargains on out-of-print books at eBay.com and Half.com.

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