Saturday, October 01, 2005

An astonishing admission

NASA's top official told USA Today last week that the space shuttle and the International Space Station were mistakes.

"It is now commonly accepted that was not the right path," NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said. He told USA Today's editorial board that the space agency made a wrong turn in the 1970s by ending the Apollo moon missions and concentrating on the shuttle and the space station, which never leave the Earth's orbit.

The paper said NASA has spent about $150 billion dollars on the utterly pointless shuttle program, which has so far killed fourteen astronauts. The still-unfinished space station will cost more than $100 billion, not counting the property damage when the flying motor home finally falls out of the sky.

Now NASA wants $104 billion to go to the moon.

I'll give them twenty dollars to go jump in the lake.

There may be some benefit in returning to the moon. Let's line up all the NASA Administrators going back to 1970 and send them there by the Ralph Kramden method.

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