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Endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Susan Shelley has been endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Endorsed by the Los Angeles Daily News

Susan Shelley has been endorsed by the Los Angeles Daily News

Endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of California

Endorsed by the California Republican League

Susan Shelley has been endorsed by the California Republican League

Endorsed by:

Leon Weinstein, Author, "Capitalism 101", President & CEO, Weinstein Art Management, Inc.

"We need laws that will help our country to come back to its roots, and instead of unemployment paradise be once again country of achievers, dreamers, doers. We need lawmakers like Susan who care about our values, our liberties and our Constitution."

Mr. Weinstein was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and emigrated from the USSR to Israel in 1974. He moved to California in 1986.

Luis Alvarado, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Greater Los Angeles (RNHALA)

Dr. Pamela J. Brown, Professor of Economics, Pierce College, Woodland Hills

"We owe it to future generations to stop exploding public debt and return to fiscally responsible governance.  Susan Shelley is committed to these important principles.  She has my support and my vote!"

Mel C. Alfarero, Vice Chair, 37th Assembly District Republican Central Committee; Candidate, 45th Assembly District Republican Central Committee; Ex Officio, Filipino American Republicans of Los Angeles County (FARLAC); Asian Outreach Chair, Susan Shelley For Congress

"The West San Fernando Valley needs a woman in Congress to represent our communities. Asians in our 30th Congressional District need a representative that can reach out to us. Join me in helping to form a San Fernando Valley Asian community outreach for Susan Shelley."

David Benning, 2010 Republican candidate for Congress in California District 30

Dick Carson, Emmy-winning director of "Wheel of Fortune," "The Merv Griffin Show," and "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"

"Susan Shelley is a former work colleague and a longtime personal friend of more than thirty years.

"She has proved herself to be a person of intelligence, perseverance and fine character in whatever she has undertaken. Susan's past work in the political realm gives her unique insight and experience, which will serve her well as an officeholder herself.

"Susan Shelley will bring to that office a sharp and incisive mind, a broad knowledge of critical issues, and a well-reasoned perspective which make her leadership both visionary and courageous."

Argus Hamilton, Comedian and syndicated columnist

"Susan Shelley is a brilliant conservative author and thinker whose voice in Congress could become a force of nature for the liberty-loving constituents of the West San Fernando Valley."

Nancy Spero, State Executive Vice Chair, California Republican League

"Susan Shelley thinks independently. She will do a great job of representing the people of the San Fernando Valley and will not just follow the party line."

Susan J. Abato, former San Fernando Valley regional co-chair, John McCain for President

"The voters in the recently redrawn 30th Congressional District need a change. Why must we choose between two incumbent Democrats and a Republican who was unsuccessful in 2010 (losing to Brad Sherman)? I am proud to support a Republican Jewish woman for this Congressional seat.

"Susan is a Constitutional conservative who believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget and a strong alliance with our Middle East partner Israel. Although small in stature, she is big on ideas and solutions to help move the 30th District and America forward.

"I urge you to join me in supporting Susan Shelley for Congress."

Bradly Torgan, President, Log Cabin Republicans of Los Angeles

Paul M. Fredrix, Chair, 42nd/50th Assembly District Republican Central Committee

Glenn W. Stoddard, Vice Chair, California Republican League of the San Fernando Valley

Mark Bernsley, Attorney and former California Assembly candidate

Mark Herrick, Attorney; State President, California Republican League

Nick Hariton, Attorney

Maureen Johnson

Beverly Weil, Registered Democrat, Encino resident

"I have known Susan Shelley for many years and consider her a member of my extended family. She is the only Republican I can talk politics with intelligently, because she knows what she's talking about."

Pam Castillo, Business owner, Clarity Institute

Sandra Morales

"I work for Security as a regional payroll representative. I am pleased to support Susan Shelley to run for Congress. We need a moderate Republican representative. I believe she will do her best to represent us and protect the rights we have enjoyed."

Linda Edgerton, Realtor, Prudential/Legal Administrator

William "Rodriguez" Morrison, City Council candidate

Joseph S. Fein, Writer, Editor: Valley of the Shadow, a blog focused on politics in the San Fernando Valley

"She's a fighter and a doer! Vote for Susan Shelley!"

Please note that Dennis DeYoung, Former California Assembly candidate and president of California State University, Northridge, alumni association, dual-endorsed Susan Shelley and another GOP candidate and later agreed to co-sponsor and moderate the bipartisan North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce candidate forum on March 14, which required him to rescind his endorsement of both candidates and remain officially neutral in the race. Click to read his statement.


(Titles for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement by any organization. Download an endorsement form here.)