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Empowering parents and teachers over bureaucrats

California's schools should be providing every student with a high-quality education that prepares them for the next step in their lives. Every child in every neighborhood is the most important person in our education system.

Parents deserve better choices for their kids when schools underperform, and teachers deserve support against unreasonable and inflexible mandates handed down from Washington. What matters is education. And education happens when teachers and students have the resources and the time they need in the classroom.

For decades, California voters have approved bonds and higher taxes to support education, yet still we have teachers buying their own school supplies. Are we spending too much on administration? Are we spending too much on buildings and not enough on the students inside them? Are we wasting money on gimmicks when it should be spent on textbooks? Clearly the resources are not spent in support of the right priorities.

I have heard the frustration of parents who see the schools failing their children. I have seen parents battling the bureaucracy when school officials seem to write off their children's education as "good enough, considering."

As your representative in Sacramento, I will have a staff member dedicated to helping parents and teachers navigate the bureaucracy of our education system and solve problems. Every child deserves a good education. They will do great things with it.


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