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Wake the neighbors.

Most people don't want to pay attention to politics, and who can blame them.

But every now and then there are times when people really have to pay attention to politics, or else they're going to pay with everything they have.

I think California is in one of those times right now.

  • Sacramento politicians are forcing the price of gasoline up by 12-20 cents per gallon on January 1, 2015, and the extra money will be spent on the bullet train and other pet projects that didn't have the votes to get funded the usual way.
  • Sacramento politicians are considering seven separate proposals that attack Proposition 13 by making it easier to pass bonds and parcel taxes, which are paid for on property tax bills (at the bottom, under 'voted indebtedness'). Prop 13 requires a two-thirds vote to raise taxes, but these proposals would lower the requirement to just 55 percent.
  • Sacramento politicians are pretending the state has a budget surplus while ignoring the debt and unfunded pension liability on the books -- $340 billion in red ink, according to the non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office.
  • Tesla, Toyota, Nestle and other companies are moving thousands of jobs out of our state, and the governor doesn't think it's a problem, telling reporters, "Change is inevitable."

Yes, it is. And it's time we made a change for the better.

Currently California's government is controlled by one political party with absolute power. Does absolute power corrupt? Four state senators have gone off in handcuffs in the last year.

If just two Assembly seats flip to the other party, the 2/3 supermajority that gives one party absolute power will be ended. That's what's at stake in this race. Wherever you are on the political spectrum, I think you'll agree with me that one-party control of California is an invitation to trouble.

California needs checks and balances in its government because one party shouldn't have the power to raise taxes without hearings or debate. One party shouldn't have the power to pass blank legislation (look up "spot bills") and then write the laws in back rooms filled with lobbyists. One party shouldn't be covering for state senators who are facing criminal charges but are still on the public payroll.

Change, for the better. With just two Assembly seats. This is one of them.

Vote for Susan Shelley for Assembly. Tell the neighbors. Here's a flyer you can e-mail to them. (Click the link to open the image, then right-click on it and look for the link to e-mail the image.)

Find your polling place at (If you live in Bell Canyon, your polling place is the Bell Canyon Association on Hackamore Lane.)

Not registered to vote? You can register online at or pick up the form at any post office. Register by October 20 to vote in the November 4 election.

Would you like an absentee ballot? You can request one online by clicking here. Or download the application in pdf format, print a bunch of them, and take them to the neighbors' houses when you go over there to wake them up.

If you'd like door-hangers, flyers, campaign buttons or yard signs, give us a call at 818-22-SUSAN (818-227-8726) or e-mail me at We deliver.

Everybody off the couch. We're going to save California.


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