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Jobs and the Economy

California has the worst business climate of any state in the nation. Don't move to Texas. We can fix it.

The economy doesn't get better or worse randomly, for no reason, with some decades mysteriously lean and some decades delightfully lush.

Business decisions, including hiring decisions, are rational reactions to the economic conditions which result from government policies.

When California makes it more expensive to hire people, we get less hiring.

When California raises taxes on businesses, we get fewer businesses.

When California raises energy costs, increases regulatory compliance burdens and enables frivolous lawsuits, our job-creating businesses leave California and set up shop in states that don't do those things.

California needs a rational energy policy, a rational water policy, and a rational tax policy.

California needs regulatory reform and lawsuit abuse reform so businesses and consumers aren't crushed by needless costs.

We should be viewing our state's economic stagnation as an emergency, and our state government should be doing everything possible to help businesses grow in California. That's where jobs will be found, and that's also what will generate the tax revenue to pay for the vital social safety net, education, and all our other public priorities.


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